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Peter Josheff, Clarinet

Peter Josheff, clarinetist and composer, is a founding member of Sonic Harvest and of Earplay. He is also a member of the San Francisco Contemporary Music Players, the Empyrean Ensemble, and the Eco Ensemble. He performs frequently with Opera Parallèle, the San Francisco Chamber Orchestra, and Melody of China, and has worked with many other groups including the Paul Dresher Ensemble, Composers Inc., and sf Sound.

Peter has composed instrumental and vocal music, opera and pop songs, as well as music for dance and theater. His recent compositions include Big Brother (2014) for solo piccolo, premiered by Tod Brody with Earplay; Ground Hog Day (2014) for clarinet and string quartet, premiered by the Farallon Quintet; Europa and The Bull (2014), a chamber oratorio commissioned and premiered by the Mary Holmes Festival at UC Santa Cruz; The Cauldron (2013), commissioned and premiered by tenor Brian Thorsett; Waiting (2012), commissioned and premiered by Earplay; Nautical Man Nautical Man (2011), an album of pop songs; Sutro Tower in the Fog (2011), commissioned, premiered and recorded by the Bernal Hill Players; Sextet (2010), premiered by Sonic Harvest; and Inferno (2008), a chamber opera produced by San Francisco Cabaret Opera in 2009.

Peter is currently writing a new work, The Dream Mechanic, commissioned by the San Francisco Chamber Orchestra, to be premiered in 2017.